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You can try the Grackle Suite for free right now. Not all of the fancier features will be enabled, but most will.

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Grackle Suite Downloads:

There are currently five tools in the Grackle Suite armoury plus another three that will be available soon.

  • Grackle Docs

    Checks your Google Doc against accessibility standards and can create PDF/UA onto your Google Drive. Download Grackle Docs

  • Grackle Sheets

    Checks a Google Sheet for accessibility issues and can publish an accessible HTML version of the Sheet. Download Grackle Sheets

  • Grackle Slides

    Check and remediate accessibility features in Google Slides Download Grackle Slides

  • Grackle Chrome

    Quickly check to see if a Google Doc or Sheet is accessible, even before launching Grackle Docs or Grackle Sheets. Download Grackle Chrome

  • Grackle Merge

    Grackle Merge brings data from a Google Sheet or your Gmail Contacts into Google Docs. Perfect for accessible, personalised correspondence. Download Grackle Merge

  • Grackle Marks

    Convenient tools for reading and sharing documents, including highlighting, bookmark listing and redaction. Export highlights for reference. Download Grackle Marks

  • Grackle Drive - Coming Soon!

    Grackle Drive gives you visibility into every Google Sheet, Doc, Slide and PDF across your Google Drive.

  • Grackle Mail - Coming Soon!

    Check and remediate accessibility features in GMail

Each Grackle account is tied to an email address that needs to be connected to a Google Account, but you can still use your Yahoo or Microsoft address, or your own domain.

PDF Bundles

Buying a PDF bundle gives one Grackle account access to all Grackle Docs features for 1 year from time of purchase. You can keep using those features even if you use your bundle up.

Traditionally, manual remediation services for Word and PDF files can cost from $5 to $20+ per page. GrackleDocs will remediate a Google Doc for less than that price for a whole document.



  • Includes All Grackle Features
  • 1 Tagged PDF
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10 PDFs


$4.90 Per PDF
  • Includes All Grackle Features
  • 10 Tagged PDFs
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25 PDFs


$3.92 Per PDF
  • Includes All Grackle Features
  • 25 Tagged PDFs
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100 PDFs


$2.90 Per PDF
  • Includes All Grackle Features
  • 100 Tagged PDFs
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When you buy a new bundle, any unused PDFs from valid bundles are added to your total, and the expiry date of all of your PDFs is extended by another calendar year.


You purchase a 10x PDF Bundle on July 1st, 2016, You use Grackle Docs to create 6 PDFs. You then buy another 10x bundle on October 1st. You now have 14 PDFs, (4 from your first bundle, 10 from the new purchase) and they all now expire on October 1st, 2017.

Proof documents are not counted as tagged PDFs for the purposes of your bundle. Proof as many as you please.

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