Grackle for Education

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Workspace Accessible

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Create. Remediate. Educate.

When document creators have simple remediation tools, they use them. That means more accessible documents on campus and in the classroom.

Grackle is Perfect for All Roles in Education

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Staff and Administrators

Grackle speeds and simplifies the creation of accessible documents by giving disability and assistive technology services staff a powerful remediation solution that works right in Google’s Applications.

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Faculty and Students

Faculty and students can create accessible documents with a click-and-fix guided remediation tool. Grackle helps users learn about accessibility standards and can be run repeatedly as documents evolve.

Why Grackle for Education?

Inclusive Learning Environment

Ensuring that digital resources, such as online courses, learning management systems, and educational websites, are accessible to all students creates a more inclusive learning environment. It allows students with disabilities to fully participate in online learning activities alongside their peers.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Educational institutions are often subject to legal requirements regarding accessibility, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act in the United States. Ensuring digital accessibility helps institutions comply with these laws and avoid potential legal issues.

Meeting Diverse Student Needs

Students have diverse learning needs, preferences, and abilities. Digital accessibility features, such as captions for videos, text alternatives for images, and adjustable font sizes, accommodate various learning styles and preferences, benefiting all students, not just those with disabilities.

Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Accessible digital resources can improve learning outcomes for students with disabilities by providing them with equal access to educational materials and opportunities. When students can engage with content in ways that suit their needs, they are more likely to succeed academically.

Teaching Digital Citizenship

By prioritizing digital accessibility, educators model and teach principles of digital citizenship, including inclusivity, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives. Students learn the importance of designing and using technology in ways that are accessible to everyone.

Professional Development Opportunities

Educators who prioritize digital accessibility may seek out professional development opportunities to learn about accessible design principles and tools. This continuous learning enhances their skills and enables them to create more inclusive learning experiences for their students.

Preparing Students for the Future

In today’s digital age, digital literacy and accessibility skills are essential for success in education and beyond. By incorporating digital accessibility into their teaching practices, educators help prepare students for the workplace and society, where inclusivity and accessibility are increasingly valued.

Building Positive Relationships

Prioritizing digital accessibility demonstrates a commitment to equity and inclusion, fostering positive relationships between educators, students, parents, and the wider community. It builds trust and confidence in the educational institution’s commitment to serving all students equitably.

Who's Buying?

Our customers are professional educators in small, medium and large, rural and urban school districts, colleges and universities.

They work in a wide variety of roles like those below, among others.
Do these sound familiar?

Rural public school Special Ed. teacher of students with visual impairments (TSVI)

An urgent need to help some blind students, but you’re on your own to find a solution and funding is almost impossible to get, so price is a big factor in your decision

Group of university Faculty accessibility advocates

With a vision of what could be possible to make G Suite Docs, Sheets and Slides course output accessible

College Online Learning Course Designers

Who must remediate curriculum to make it accessible, while teaching faculty to do it themselves at the point of creation not remediation, but the current workflow with MS Word is too inefficient

Public school Digital Learning Coach

Implementing G Suite-enabled pedagogical methods & apps across the district which has implemented Google Applications for Education (GAFE)

College Learning Management System (LMS) Coordinator

Seeking ways to quickly make G Suite content from Google Docs stored in the LMS accessible

Assistive Technology Manager at a state university

Looking to find inexpensive, effective and easy-to-use tools to help her students with unique needs

A single Webmaster at a large urban public school district

Charged with remediating G Suite documents in hundreds of websites for legal compliance with an OCR accessibility complaint ruling

Proactive campus Accessibility Committee

Looking for best practices system-wide

University Vice Chancellor or K-12 School Board Superintendent

Responsible for an entire division’s or district’s G Suite accessibility legal compliance

Progressive community college Academic Chairperson

Seeking cost-effective ways for faculty who use Google Docs and Slides to update existing curriculum with accessible content and ensure new materials are created with accessibility designed-in

University Information Systems Manager

With limited budget, responsible for ensuring only secure, standards-compliant accessibility Add-ons are purchased for G Suite

Small charter school Communications & Marketing Group

With a mandate to make public-facing documents on the website accessible, but limited staff to do so and an strict OCR compliance deadline approaching

Millions of documents have already been Grackled!

A small sample of what our happy customers have to say about GrackleDocs


    Grackle is an amazing suite that solved a big technical gap with our own organization and our member school districts who all use Google Workspace for document management.

    As we began offering website accessibility services, we realized there wasn’t a good solution to suggest to our customers on how to manage accessibility within Google documents.

    Having to download, convert, and scan through other tools was too cumbersome–until we found Grackle. Despite the pandemic shutdowns, we continue to promote Grackle during our large district tech and superintendent meetings as well as meetings with other collaboratives like ours.

  • Region 10 ESC

    As an educational non-profit with limited budgets, we looked for an affordable solution to implement Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 for our G Suite output and meet requirements for OCR compliance.

    We didn’t find anything else that would work as well, nor as inexpensively, as Grackle Suite to help us remediate our Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. My students who I teach accessibility to (Region 10 staff) like it and think it’s easy to learn and use. I highly recommend Grackle.

  • Association of Guide Dogs in Lyon

    Our organization provides guide dogs free of charge to visually impaired people to help them navigate independently.

    But despite persistent efforts, we haven’t been able to teach our dogs to read. So, to produce documents that are accessible and easy to read for our beneficiaries, we associate a grackle with the dog.

    This is a very user-friendly solution in our Google Workspace environment. The return on investment is excellent and the combination of Google Docs and Grackle works wonderfully.

  • Emmanuel’s Wish Foundation

    What I love about Grackle Suite is that it makes remediation simpler at every step of our workflow. It’s easier to correct documents, easier to audit groups of files and easier to create tagged PDFs