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Strategic Partners

  • Google

    GrackleDocs has been selected as a partner in the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. Grackle uses Google Cloud Platform to help the Google Workspace for Education Accessibility Experience.

    The Grackle Suite of Add-ons extends Google Workspace with an intuitive accessibility solution for education users in all three sectors.

  • PDF Association

    Grackle is a proud member of The PDF Association which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and operates a wholly-owned subsidiary non-profit organization, PDF Association, Inc., in the United States.

Strategic Partners

  • Region 10 ESC

    Region 10 ESC is our Grackle Reseller Partner for all 20 Texas K-12 ESCs and districts. Based in Richardson, Region10 ESC is one of 20 regional Educational Service Centers in Texas delivering professional development and a range of other innovative solutions. Region10 consultants serve more than 865,000 students and 106,000 school staff, of which 56,000 are teachers, in over 130 ISDs, charters and private schools across 10 north Texas counties.

    This innovative reseller partnership model was initiated by Region 10 to develop packaged product and services offerings for ISDs that combine Grackle with Accessibility training provided by its consultants.

    Contact Denise Barker, Web Services Coordinator,  972-348-1516 or


    We help businesses and organisations understand how to meet the needs of customers and clients with print impairments, and how to source and provide quality accessible documents.

    People with visual impairment can lack access to basic information unless this is provided in accessible formats. Under the Equality Act 2010, a print-disabled person has the right to receive information in an accessible format.

    Accessible document standards include traditional formats such as braille, large print and audio as well as digital formats like accessible PDF, HTML5 and Daisy.

Millions of documents have already been Grackled!

A small sample of what our happy customers have to say about GrackleDocs

  • Association of Guide Dogs in Lyon

    Our organization provides guide dogs free of charge to visually impaired people to help them navigate independently.

    But despite persistent efforts, we haven’t been able to teach our dogs to read. So, to produce documents that are accessible and easy to read for our beneficiaries, we associate a grackle with the dog.

    This is a very user-friendly solution in our Google Workspace environment. The return on investment is excellent and the combination of Google Docs and Grackle works wonderfully.

  • Barbers Hill ISD

    As our K-12 District Webmaster, I am responsible for performing accessibility compliance remediation on many non-compliant PDFs.

    I desperately needed a user-friendly solution to enable staff to help. Grackle Suite exceeded my expectations. With complex documents, it not only identified errors, but it took me directly to them and showed me how to correct them!

    I was impressed, but I wanted further proof that Grackle would be user-friendly for staff who are not compliance-savvy. I asked a co-worker to try it, and within an hour she emailed me saying, “I’m in love!” There was no turning back. We had to have Grackle!

  • Northwestern Michigan College

    At NMC our faculty, staff, and students are power users of G-Suite tools. Our Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy applies to websites, digital content, and software created and used by NMC for organizational and academic activities.

    Grackle Docs is an important tool for creating accessible G-Suite documents to help us reach our accessibility goals and maintain compliance with W3C WAI WCAG as required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It is an affordable solution for a small institution to move forward with creating accessible documents and remediation.

  • CSU San Bernardino

    Grackle Docs is the only tool I’ve used that makes the creation of accessible PDFs a pleasurable experience