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Inquire About Grackle PDF Today

Inquire About Grackle PDF Today

What is Grackle PDF?

Grackle PDF is the next generation of accessibility software, offering an exceptional tool for remediators grappling with complex accessibility challenges. It transforms the process of achieving full accessibility, ensuring compliance with PDF/UA, WCAG, and Section 508 standards. Initiate your journey with a tagged PDF, effortlessly uncover accessibility issues, and rectify the bulk of them in an instant with just a few intuitive clicks.

Are you tired of...

Not having a built-in PDF/UA validator to make sure what you are doing is right

Not having guidance for remediation built directly into the editor

Not knowing where spaces are being inserted

Not being able to see all similar tags in one group

Not being able to create, move, delete and merge tags as well as reassign content

Having to license two pieces of software to make accessible PDFs

Would you like to have...

Guided remediation that shows you in real-time the issues that need to be addressed

Built in validation that verifies what you have done is correct

Automatic table scoping for square tables

Easy adjustments for tables (formatting pre-existing tags, span, merge, split, scope), all within the program.

An auto tag function that deals with some of the laborious workload

A preview where spaces on the page should be added and then automatically add them based on adjustable criteria

Fewer products to license, no need for Acrobat!

Wizards that help reduce the amount of work for each step

Adjusting all ALT tags, URLs and Content Keys  in one place

Why Grackle PDF?

Comprehensive Compliance

GracklePDF goes beyond the basics to ensure your documents meet and exceed PDF/UA standards, making them accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities.

Intuitive Interface

With GracklePDF, you’re equipped with a user-friendly interface that simplifies PDF editing. From the moment you open the program, you’re greeted with a layout that’s easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth editing process from start to finish.

Enhanced Table Management

 Features encompass auto-adjustment for square table boundaries. Streamlined processes allow for easy table modifications (reformatting existing tags, adjusting spans, merging, splitting, and setting scope) directly within the software.

Powerful Tagging and Editing

Dive into a rich suite of features designed for precision and efficiency. Whether it’s adjusting tag properties, cleaning up documents, or working with existing tag elements, GracklePDF offers unmatched versatility.

Advanced Wizards

GracklePDF introduces a novel approach to PDF editing with its array of Wizards. From the Info Wizard that helps you tweak document metadata to the Table Wizard that revolutionizes table structuring, these tools ensure that every aspect of your document is polished and professional.

Built-in Validation

GracklePDF integrates GrackleGO, the industry leading tool that checks your document against accessibility standards, providing clear feedback and actionable steps for any issues detected.

Efficiency at its Core

Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments. GracklePDF’s innovative features like the Space Wizard, Link Wizard, and Image Wizard, coupled with extensive shortcut keys, boost your productivity, allowing more time for what matters most.

Accessible to All

With features like the Form Fields Wizard and Parent Tree Wizard, GracklePDF ensures that your documents are not only accessible to you during editing but also to end-users, facilitating a seamless experience for all.

Millions of documents have already been Grackled!

A small sample of what our happy customers have to say about GrackleDocs

  • Columbus State University

    Dear Grackle Team, we are so grateful for your reaching out to share the Grackle product suite. At Columbus State University, we frequently recommend GrackleDocs to faculty members preparing their course content for online courses.

    Its design makes addressing accessibility issues clear and straightforward. When an issue is found, the interface provides a link to its location and methods for addressing it. Then you simply do a recheck. It’s so easy to use! We are looking forward to trying it out with all Google products. Thanks again!

  • Association of Guide Dogs in Lyon

    Our organization provides guide dogs free of charge to visually impaired people to help them navigate independently.

    But despite persistent efforts, we haven’t been able to teach our dogs to read. So, to produce documents that are accessible and easy to read for our beneficiaries, we associate a grackle with the dog.

    This is a very user-friendly solution in our Google Workspace environment. The return on investment is excellent and the combination of Google Docs and Grackle works wonderfully.

  • The Simple Web

    The Grackle Docs’ interface shows document accessibility errors and guides you through fixing them. The process is very easy allowing you to create an accessible PDF at the click of a button.
    After exporting over 250 accessible PDFs in a month with Grackle Docs, I am impressed and relieved to have such a fabulous add-on to Google Docs. The Grackle Docs’ staff respond to support requests promptly, thoroughly and politely.

  • Region 10 ESC

    As an educational non-profit with limited budgets, we looked for an affordable solution to implement Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 for our G Suite output and meet requirements for OCR compliance.

    We didn’t find anything else that would work as well, nor as inexpensively, as Grackle Suite to help us remediate our Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. My students who I teach accessibility to (Region 10 staff) like it and think it’s easy to learn and use. I highly recommend Grackle.