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GrackleAUDIT is GrackleDocs’ all-encompassing approach to digital accessibility testing. It provides both manual WCAG audits and usability testing by people with lived experience with disabilities.

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Inquire About Web Accessibility Auditing Today

Inquire About Web Accessibility Auditing Today

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GrackleAUDIT provides easy, actionable reports to help companies understand their compliance against the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It also offers companies the tools, consultation, and training required to help ensure that their digital products are accessible and provide users with the best possible experience.

Manual Auditing

GrackleAUDIT provides manual auditing through our team of Digital Accessibility Specialists. We provide detailed feedback on your product’s conformance to WCAG. All our testing is carried out in line with the W3C’s WCAG Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM).

Usability Testing

GrackleAUDIT’s team of Usability Analysts is a team of testers with lived experience of barriers due to disabilities. This team provides companies with feedback that goes beyond technical compliance.

Unparalleled Reporting

GrackleAUDIT provides in-depth and actionable reports clearly outlining the changes that need to be made to a product to enhance the user experience and attain/maintain WCAG compliance.


As part of the manual audit, we work with you over a six-month period to tackle difficult accessibility issues. Following successful iterative testing, an online accreditation certificate and letter of conformance is issued.

Accessibility Training

Grackle provides customizable and flexible training that covers all areas of web accessibility. This includes assistive technology, developing compliant digital products, writing accessible content, accessibility testing methods and tools, and more.

Expert Consulting

Grackle’s consultants can help organizations define their digital accessibility roadmaps, provide feedback on designs during each development phase, and help ensure accessibility compliance remains a key focus.

What does it mean to manually test a website?

GrackleAUDIT provides you the ability to have your websites, mobile native apps, software and more, go through a manual auditing process.

Digital products are manually by our Digital Accessibility Specialists, who are trained in testing each WCAG success criteria. The evaluation is based on the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM). To ensure manual audits are completed at the highest standard, each specialist has their work independently cross-checked and participates in cross-checking the testing work of others against the same criteria.

Who is the Usability Analyst Team?

GrackleAUDIT offers usability testing through our Usability Analyst Team. This team is comprised of people with disabilities. Each usability analyst has a different type of disability and is a trained professional in the use of their assistive technology, which they rely on every day. As part of the testing process, they are given a journey to complete and are asked to give anecdotal feedback about how the experience was for them, reporting where they found difficulties and where things worked well.

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