How Grackle Chrome Works

3 Simple Steps

Once installed, the Grackle Chrome Extension Smiley facesits quietly in your
Chrome Browser bar waiting to pounce!

*Remember, the Grackle is expecting GrackleDocs Add-on to already be installed.


As soon as you open a Docs, Sheet or Slide, the Grackle swoops in. If it sees any accessibility issues it will set an alarm by showing a red dot.

If the Grackle is happy, it will show a green one instead.

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on


Hover your cursor over The Grackle and get a small explanation as to what is going on.

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on


Give it a click to reveal more details of any problems it found.

Then just launch the Grackle Add-on as normal to get all the normal help in remediating the issues.

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on