Free Access to Grackle Suite
for Education domains

Free, unlimited Grackle until June 30, 2020

In the wake of what’s happening around the world, most K-12 Districts, colleges and universities are required to quickly publish curriculum content and other documents online for faculty, students, staff and the public.
If you’re with an educational institution using G Suite to create these materials, Grackle is offering free access to the complete Grackle Suite until the end of June.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited checks
  • Unlimited PDFs
  • Unlimited accessible HTML

No need to provide any details other than your contact information, education institution and the domain name that needs access to Grackle.

What can Grackle do for me?

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Grackle can quickly and easily turn any G Suite document into an accessible version that can be shared online.
A few examples of the type of information you may need to share accessibly:

  • COVID-19 Advisories and Updates
  • Other Public Relations announcements
  • Curriculum Materials online, quickly to faculty, students and the public
  • Training Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Marking Schema
  • Newsletters
  • Administrative Documents and Memos
  • Proposals

How Does Grackle Work?

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For those of you new to Grackle:

  • Grackle Suite™ is the only set of add-ons for G Suite that check, remediate and create accessible output according to WCAG, PDF U/A and Google Accessibility standards
  • The Suite consists of Grackle Docs™, Grackle Sheets™ and Grackle Slides™
  • The Add-ons sit alongside any document you’re editing to easily and quickly check and remediate accessibility concerns
  • The Add-ons can also convert the document to another accessible format such as PDF/UA or Accessible HTML for sharing with others
  • Look here for videos that our customers have created, to see how they work:
    Grackle Instructional Videos

Where Can I Get Grackle?

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You can pick up Grackle directly from the G Suite Marketplace here: Grackle Add-ons