Accessibility Services

Grackle Suite is an ‘easy’ button. But sometimes you’ll need a little extra expertise.

Here’s what we can do


Legacy File Conversion and Remediation

Maybe you’re switching over to Google Apps for Education and have thousands of scanned PDFs or Microsoft Word documents to bring over. Or perhaps you have mission-critical files that need bespoke conversion to PDF/UA. We’ve worked with electronic documents for nearly two decades. We’ll have good advice and even better results.

Google-Specific Customization

If you’re moving over to G Suite or investing more heavily in cloud based applications, you’re going to have questions around document accessibility. Please reach out to us about:

  • Meeting your uniques accessibility goals and needs as they relate to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and PDF/UA
  • Changing or optimizing your accessibility workflow to use online tools
  • Custom permissions and responsibilities for Grackle Suite users
  • Custom development for G Suite APIs
  • Grackle Suite integration with Google Classroom or Apps for Education
  • Custom accessibility templates for G Suite applications

Or just surprise us!

Document Accessibility Strategies

More and more documents are created, modified and shared online. This puts pressure on traditional accessibility services and remediation practices. But the cloud-based programs that create these headaches can be the solution to them, too. Talk to us about best-practices and smart implementations that simplify, organize and control your accessible documents.

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