How Grackle Sheets Works

SpreadSheet Accessibility Made Easy

Grackle Sheets is an add-on that runs in Google Sheets. You can install Grackle Sheets here.

When opened, it scans the current Sheet (all tabs) for accessibility issues.

When the scan finishes, Grackle Sheets arranges the document’s elements and structures into 4 categories.

  • Sheets
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Content

These categories can be seen in the user interface on the right side of the screen.

Elements in each are marked as either accessible or inaccessible. Changes are made by selecting and editing these elements in these categories. For example, a table does not have the header row specified with a tag.

Image of a Google Sheet with the Grackle Add-on loaded



Sheets properties are important for ensuring the document is not too unwieldy.

  • Sheets need a proper title
  • Sheet names should be descriptive
  • Avoid lots of work sheets
  • Avoid making sheets too large
  • Sheets should not be empty

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on


Tables within work sheets are commonly inaccessible.

They pose a special challenge for screen readers because they present textual or numerical data to be easily referenced visually.

Once Grackled, this grid turns into a fully functioning, marked up table which can be output to Accessible HTML.

  • Tables should have headers
  • Tables should not be too long
  • Avoid too many tables
  • The use of merged cells is not recommended
  • Avoid isolated cells

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on


Grackle checks to ensure any charts that have been embedded contain alt-text

  • Charts should have alternate text

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on


Grackle scans against and helps resolve two content-related accessibility issues.

  • High color contrast should be used
  • Fine print should be avoided

Picture of Grackle Docs Add-on