Bookmark and redact your docs

Highlight. Bookmark. Share.

Mark up your doc with color codes.

Hide sensitive information without deleting it.

Add bookmarks and navigate any document easily.


A Simpler Way to Read and Share Documents

Easy to Use Interface

  • Redact specific information by area or syntax (credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc)
  • Highlight text by color and export highlights to a secondary document for review or saving
  • Bookmark areas for easy reference
  • Image redaction

Grackle Marks Screen Shot
Person in wheelchair looking at a computer screen

Community Approved

Accessibility isn’t about meeting standards. It’s about documents (or websites, or buildings) that offer an inclusive experience. Grackle works to exceed the expectations of the people who need accessible documents, as well as those who create them.

Icon for Alt-Image Tag Catalog

Alt-Image Tag Catalog

When descriptive text is added to an image, Grackle stores it. When that image is used again, even in a different Google document, Grackle adds it automatically.

Benefit: Consistency and productivity.

Icon for Accessible PDF Creation

Created a Tagged PDF

With a click, Grackle saves a Google doc as a tagged PDF that meets PDF/UA standards. Grackle supports over 30 PDF/UA Tags,

Benefit: Expert-level control.

Icon for Cloning


With a click, a Grackle user can make a special copy of an accessible document. A “Cloned” document retains all of its updated accessibility tags and other information – even comments from other Docs users. When it comes to preserving accessibility, no Grackle user needs to be sheepish.

Benefit: Consistency. Efficiency.

Icon for Drag and Drop

Drag-And-Drop Refinement

Grackle lets users rearrange structural elements of a Google Doc via drag-and-drop. This doesn’t affect how it looks, just how it is processed by screen readers.

Benefit: Improved experience for accessible device users.

Grackle Docs is ideal for K12 Schools and higher learning

How Grackle Makes The Grade

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12% of Undergraduate Students Identify with Disability*

*U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016). Digest of Education Statistics, 2014 (NCES 2016-006), Table 311.10.