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Grackle for Google Slides

Create accessible presentations

Click. Fix. Share.

A Simpler Way to Make Presentations More Accessible

Creators Learn as they Remediate

A Grackle Slides user doesn’t need accessibility expertise. The Grackle checker outlines what needs to change and makes edits intuitive. Even your boss could do it.

Users learn about accessibility as they walk through it. It’s faster and simpler, and that means more accessible documents.

Back-and-Forth Accessibility

Because it works within Google Workspace, Grackle helps documents retain their accessibility in collaborative environments like schools and offices.

This lightens the workload and shortens the workflow of accessibility specialists and gatekeepers, giving them more time to fine-tune documents

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Community Approved

Accessibility isn’t about meeting standards. It’s about documents (or websites, or buildings) that offer an inclusive experience.

Grackle works to exceed the expectations of the people who need accessible documents, as well as those who create them.

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With Grackle Slides, you get


Accessibility Checks:16 checks against accessibility standards.
Unique Title:Each Slide title should be unique.
Multiple Title:Each Slide should have one title only.
Empty Slide:Slides should not be empty.
Contrast:Text will be checked against background for color contrast