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Grackle for Google Docs

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Docs Accessible

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Click and Fix Interface

  • Guided, step-by-step changes

  • Tables can be tagged visually

  • Decorative images can be marked as artifacts

  • Small problem in a big document? Grackle zips you there instantly

Grackle Docs teaches accessibility as it corrects.

Create Tagged PDFs with ease

  • Need tagged PDF to help with Section 508 compliance?

  • Grackle will generate one. Need to share it with others? A classroom? An office? Customers?

  • Grackle can create an tagged PDF, directly from within Google Docs

  • Relieve the pressure on accessibility specialists and let Grackle teach you some of the fundamentals

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Accessibility For Groups and Teams

  • Grackle helps documents retain their accessible information in collaborative, high-touch environments like schools and offices.

  • This lightens the workload of accessibility specialists and gatekeepers, giving them more time to fine-tune documents.

What You Get With Grackle Docs

Feature Description
Accessibility Checks: 22 accessibility checks against WCAG 2.0 and Accessible PDF standards.
PDF Output: Unlimited conversions to Tagged PDF. Important when creating documents to be shared outside of Workspace.
Change Reading Order: This changes the internal reading order for PDF documents without changing the physical appearance.
Alt Text Catalog: You can build a catalog of images and the related Alt-Text. Time-saving compared to re-entering alt-text each time an image is added.
Copy/Paste Tags: You can copy and paste sections of a document to and from other documents, maintaining accessibility tags.
Table Tagging: Awesome, built in wizard makes tables a cinch.
Set Document Properties: You can add information to the properties of a PDF file created.

Take a Look at the demo below and see, it's a snap!