A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Docs Accessible

Slimline Laptop showing Grackle Docs Add-on

Click-and-Fix Interface

  • Guided, step-by-step changes
  • Tables can be tagged visually
  • Decorative images can be marked as artifacts
  • Small problem in a big document? Grackle zips you there instantly

Grackle Docs teaches accessibility as it corrects.

Please Note!
Due to the nature of Google Docs, some accessibility features such as tables are only fully accessible when exporting the document as a PDF. This is due to the fact that a Google Doc uses a simple grid mechanism for layout purposes and has no notion of a ‘data’ table.

Create Accessible PDFs With Ease

Need an accessible PDF for Section 508 compliance? Grackle will generate one. Need to share it with other Docs users? A classroom? An office? One click and Accessibility goes with it. Anyone can make any Google Doc accessible.

Right in Google Docs. As they create it .

Slimline Laptop showing Grackle Docs Add-on
Grackle Docs is the only tool I’ve used that makes the creation of accessible PDFs a pleasurable experienceLeon McNaught, Accessible Technology Initiative, California State University

Much more than an Accessibility Checker…

The Grackle user interface as it makes google docs accessible.

Content Creators Learn as they Remediate

A Grackle user doesn’t need accessibility expertise. Grackle outlines what needs to change and makes it easy to change it. Even your boss could do it.

Users learn about accessibility as they provide it. Remediation at the point of creation means more accessible documents.

Accessibility For
Groups and Teams

Grackle helps documents retain their accessible information in collaborative, high-touch environments like schools and offices. This lightens the workload of accessibility specialists and gatekeepers, giving them more time to fine-tune documents

Grackle has powerful tools for fine-tuning.

A flat-style illustration. A teal-blue circle has a smartphone in its centre. The Grackle Docs interface has been superimposed on the screen. Around the phone are students (bottom left and right) and a teacher (top). Illustrated hands reach from the phone to touch devices like laptops and tablets, as well as books. The image suggests document accessibility being added as papers and presentations are written, moving from student to teacher and back again.
Icon depicting Community

Community Approved

Accessibility isn’t about meeting standards. It’s about documents (or websites, or buildings) that offer an inclusive experience. Grackle works to exceed the expectations of the people who need accessible documents, not just those who create them.

Icon for Alt-Image Tag Catalog

Alt-Image Tag Catalog

When descriptive text is added to an image, Grackle stores it. When that image is used again, even in a different Google document, Grackle adds it automatically.

Benefit: Consistency and productivity.

Icon for Accessible PDF Creation

Created a Tagged PDF

With a click, Grackle saves a Google doc as a tagged PDF that meets PDF/UA standards. Grackle supports over 30 PDF/UA Tags,

Benefit: Expert-level control.

Grackle Docs is ideal for K12 Schools and higher learning

How Grackle Makes The Grade

Or play around with Grackle Docs Advanced for 30 days.

It’s free

12% of Undergraduate Students Identify with Disability*

*U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016). Digest of Education Statistics, 2014 (NCES 2016-006), Table 311.10.