Grackle for Google Docs

A Simpler Way to Make Output from Google Docs Accessible

Learn More Below About Grackle for Google DocsScreenshot of Grackle Docs accessibility check panel

Inquire About Grackle for Google Docs Today

Inquire About Grackle for Google Docs Today

Grackle for Google Docs

A simpler way to make output from Google Docs accessible

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Create Tagged PDFs with ease

  • Need tagged PDF to help with Section 508 compliance?

  • Grackle will generate one. Need to share it with others? A classroom? An office? Customers?

  • Grackle can create an tagged PDF, directly from within Google Docs

  • Relieve the pressure on accessibility specialists and let Grackle teach you some of the fundamentals

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Click and Fix Interface

  • Guided, step-by-step changes

  • Tables can be tagged visually

  • Decorative images can be marked as artifacts

  • Small problem in a big document? Grackle zips you there instantly

Grackle Docs teaches accessibility as it corrects.

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Accessibility For Groups and Teams

  • Grackle helps documents retain their accessible information in collaborative, high-touch environments like schools and offices.

  • This lightens the workload of accessibility specialists and gatekeepers, giving them more time to fine-tune documents.

What You Get With Grackle Docs

Accessibility Checks:

22 accessibility checks against WCAG 2.0 and Accessible PDF standards.

PDF Output:

Unlimited conversions to Tagged PDF. Important when creating documents to be shared outside of Workspace.

Change Reading Order:

This changes the internal reading order for PDF documents without changing the physical appearance.

Alt Text Catalog:

You can build a catalog of images and the related Alt-Text. Time-saving compared to re-entering alt-text each time an image is added.

Copy/Paste Tags:

You can copy and paste sections of a document to and from other documents, maintaining accessibility tags.

Table Tagging:

Awesome, built in wizard makes tables a cinch.

Set Document Properties:

You can add information to the properties of a PDF file created.

Millions of documents have already been Grackled!

A small sample of what our happy customers have to say about GrackleDocs

  • Paradise Valley Unified School District

    Being able to use Grackle on my Chrome device has made it easier & quicker to make our school web page accessible to all who would use it. I do not have to go through a convoluted process to use it. With just opening up the add-on, I can get started modifying the documents I need to upload to our website

  • Northwestern Michigan College

    At NMC our faculty, staff, and students are power users of G-Suite tools. Our Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy applies to websites, digital content, and software created and used by NMC for organizational and academic activities.

    Grackle Docs is an important tool for creating accessible G-Suite documents to help us reach our accessibility goals and maintain compliance with W3C WAI WCAG as required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It is an affordable solution for a small institution to move forward with creating accessible documents and remediation.

  • Connecting Waters Charter School

    Dude, you guys are on it like hooked on phonics!

  • Springfield Technical Community College

    Grackle has been a great asset for teaching student tutors about accessibility. It is easy to demonstrate ways to develop accessible documents and make quick improvements. Everyone on our campus uses Google Workspace tools, and now everyone can check for accessibility.

    The “Export to PDF” option is also fantastic for retaining accessibility!