Digital Accessibility Training

To help you harness the full potential of GrackleDocs for Google Workspace, we’re pleased to offer custom training sessions tailored specifically to your requirements.

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Inquire About Digital Accessibility Training Today

Inquire About Digital Accessibility Training Today

Digital Accessibility Training

We understand that every organization has unique needs when it comes to accessibility and document management. To help you harness the full potential of GrackleDocs for Google Workspace, we’re pleased to offer custom training sessions tailored specifically to your requirements.

Personalized Content

We’ll work closely with your team to identify your specific accessibility needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to create accessible documents, improve collaboration, or ensure compliance, we’ll create a training program that aligns with your objectives.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that your team may have varying schedules and availability. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options for training sessions. We’ll find a time that works best for you to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow.

Hands-On Learning

Our training sessions are highly interactive, allowing your team to learn by doing. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using GrackleDocs in real-world scenarios, ensuring they can apply what they’ve learned effectively.

Expert Guidance

Our trainers are experts in both accessibility and GrackleDocs. They will provide guidance, answer questions, and offer practical advice to ensure your team gains the confidence and skills needed to excel with GrackleDocs.

Targeted Topics

Our custom training can cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Accessibility fundamentals and best practices.
  • In-depth GrackleDocs features and tools.
  • Document remediation techniques.
  • Compliance with accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG, PDF/UA).
  • Advanced tips and tricks for maximizing productivity.

Ongoing Support

After the training sessions, we’re here to provide ongoing support. If your team encounters challenges or has additional questions, you can reach out to our support team for assistance

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A small sample of what our happy customers have to say about GrackleDocs

  • Paradise Valley Unified School District

    Being able to use Grackle on my Chrome device has made it easier & quicker to make our school web page accessible to all who would use it. I do not have to go through a convoluted process to use it. With just opening up the add-on, I can get started modifying the documents I need to upload to our website

  • Romeo Community Schools

    The team at Grackle Docs was great to work with. They got us up and running in a matter of hours just in time for a training session with our teachers. The product is very simple for end users and quickly creates accessible content for our new website.

  • Your TSVI

    Compared to the built-in features of Microsoft Office and Office 365 Suite, I find the GrackleDocs Add-on to be far easier to use and more intuitive for everyday users and teachers.

  • CSU San Bernardino

    Grackle Docs is the only tool I’ve used that makes the creation of accessible PDFs a pleasurable experience