Grackle Suite: Accessible Documents for Educators


Accessibility in Education:
How Grackle Helps

  • Staff and Administrators

    Grackle speeds and simplifies the creation of accessible documents by giving disability and assistive technology services staff a powerful remediation solution that works right in Google’s Applications.
  • Faculty and Students

    Faculty and students can create accessible documents with a click-and-fix guided remediation tool. Grackle helps users learn about accessibility standards and can be run repeatedly as documents evolve.

Remediation at the Point of Creation

Alone in a classroom, a visually impaired pre-teen boy looks closely at an accessible document on a table sitting horizontally on a stand.
“The team at Grackle Docs was great to work with. They got us up and running in a matter of hours just in time for a training session with our teachers. The product is very simple for end users and quickly creates accessible content for our new website.” Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology, Romeo Community Schools, Michigan

How Grackle Makes Document Accessibility Simpler

  • Grackle’s guided remediation requires very little training. It’s a step-by-step process that teaches accessibility rules and best practices.


  • When document creators have simple remediation tools, they use them. That means more accessible documents on campus and in the classroom.

    Create. Remediate. Educate.

  • Grackle Drive can check a Google Drive folder quickly and at any time. Administrators could save all public documents or course materials in that location and run periodic scans.

    We can’t help you fix Their, There, and They’re.

  • Grackle keeps accessible documents under the umbrella of G Suite’s applications, collaboration and versioning. The tools and programs your organization uses every day.

    No dog can eat this homework.

  • Grackle’s Clone feature allows users to preserve accessibility tags when they create a fresh copy of a document. For example, when a draft is saved as a final copy.

    In 10 pages of extra large font.

  • Grackle allows users to create a tagged PDF from any Google Doc. These PDFs can be marked as proofs for confirmation. Need hundreds or thousands of PDFs? Contact us.

    Buy a bundle. Save a bundle

  • Grackle creates documents consistent with WCAG 2.0 and the PDF/UA standard. We work with the accessibility community to make sure our docs work flawlessly in NVDA, JAWS, Window-Eyes, VoiceOver, ChromeVox and other screen readers.

    Does Window-Eyes raise its VoiceOver when it sees JAWS?

  • Accessible doesn’t automatically mean usable, so Grackle includes tools that help advanced users improve logical document structures via a drag-and-drop interface

    Logic is good: Live long and remediate.

  • Other advanced tools include preserving accessibility tags when cutting-and-pasting document content. Even alt-image tags go along for this Grackle ride.

    Grackle tools never fall asleep in class.

“What I love about Grackle Suite is that it makes remediation simpler at every step of our workflow. It’s easier to correct documents, easier to audit groups of files and easier to create personalized tagged PDFs”

Recognize the workflow on the left?

Legacy Workflow

Create Google Doc

War & Peas

It’s a working title.

Cut and paste content into Microsoft Word Document


Seems like a large document. Historically large.

Run Word’s accessibility checker for validation and metadata edits


Let’s hope the checker can handle 800+ pages.

Save accessible Word doc as PDF


This workflow is starting to feel like a pan-generational epic.

Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat PRO

Extraneous Program #2

Validate and make PDF/UA-specific changes. Likely requires skilled personnel. If you need the Coles Notes of remediation, look right.

Export tagged PDF


Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro. Three disparate programs have been utilized in this workflow. Maintaining accessibility will mean any edits made to the original document must restart the process.

Moreover, it is still not an accessible document in Google Docs. Nyet.

Grackle Workflow

Create Google Doc or Sheet

War & Peas

When you’re trying to find a good title, there’s no point Russian.

Run Grackle Add-On.
Review. Remediate.


Congratulations. Your document is now accessible.

Click to Export Tagged PDF

This tagged document meets the PDF/UA standard.

Edits can be made, re-checked and a PDF re-created. The creator or remediator does not need to leave Google Docs.

Grackle Docs Walkthrough

This short, 9-minute overview walks through Grackle’s itemized accessibility check and the correction of a Google Doc. It then demonstrates how a tagged PDF/UA can be generated from that document.