Simpler Accessibility
for Google Suite



Open a Google Sheet, Slide or Doc.
Run Grackle’s Checker.
Rub hands together with glee.


Grackle finds issues and helps fix them. Nice accessible document you’ve got there.


Scan every document in a Google Drive folder for accessibility. Get the big picture and the particulars .


Grackle Suite 2.0 is live.
See what’s new.

Tools for educators. Compliance for organizations. Headaches for no one.
End-to-end document accessibility for Google is here.

How Suite It Is

Meet the Checkers

Grackle Docs

Slimline Laptop displaying the GrackleDocs accessibility Add-on

Walks user through accessibility fixes in Google Docs
19 checks
Save as tagged PDF, rearrange structure
A bevy of features specific to (and improving on) Google Accessibility
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Grackle Sheets

Slimline Laptop displaying the Grackle Sheets accessibility Add-on

Walks user through changes that create an accessible Google Sheet
12 checks
Export to HTML
Automatically defines table ranges
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Grackle Slides

Slimline Laptop displaying a train emerging from a tunnel

Walks users through accessibility fixes for Google Slides
7 checks
Color contrast, Fine print, Individual titles, Alternative text

Google Drive Logo

Meet the Manager

Grackle Drive

Track and manage Accessibility for Google Files

Google Sheets Logo
Slimline Laptop displaying Grackle Drive software

Grackle Drive is a cloud-based service that scans each Doc, Sheet, PDF and Slide in a Google Drive folder. Used with Grackle’s Accessibility Checkers, it brings compliance, remediation and version control under one roof.

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Bring Google Sheets data into your accessible document. Grackle Merge can create hundreds of personalized tagged PDFs from a Google Doc.

Grackle Merge keeps your invoices, forms, budgets or communications accessible.

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