Grackle Suite

Making Documents from
G Suite Accessible

Over 2.5 million documents Grackled!

How Suite It Is

This threesome of G Suite Add-ons
make up ‘The Suite’

Grackle Docs

Google Doc Icon

Walks user through accessibility fixes in Google Docs
22 checks
Save as tagged PDF, rearrange structure
A bevy of features specific to (and improving on) Google Accessibility
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Grackle Sheets

Google Sheets Icon

Walks user through changes that create an accessible Google Sheet
12 checks
Export to HTML
Automatically defines table ranges
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Grackle Slides

Google Slides Icon

Walks users through accessibility fixes
for Google Slides
13 checks
Color contrast, Fine print,
Individual titles, Alternative text
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It’s really easy and helps you learn more about Google Docs and how to make them accessible. This tool gives you the tricks of the trade to get it right the first time.

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Grackle Marks

Grackle Marks Icon

Redact specific information by area or syntax (credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc)

Highlight text by color and export highlights to a secondary document for review or saving

Bookmark areas for easy reference
Image redaction
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Grackle Chrome

Google Chrome Icon

Wouldn’t it be great if you merely opened a document and a helper would pop up and tell you if it is compliant straight away?

Grackle Chrome is a Chrome Browser Extension that works hand in hand with the Grackle Add-ons.

Install the Grackle Add-ons, install the Grackle Chrome Extension and Bob is your favorite blue-headed bird!
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Grackle Merge

Grackle Merge Icon

One-to-Many Accessibility

Grackle Merge brings data from Google Sheets or Gmail into Accessible Google Docs

Save your invoices, quotes, brochures and more as personalized, accessible PDFs.

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