Grackle Merge brings data from Google Sheets or Gmail into Accessible Google Docs

Merge.   Check.   Correct.

Save your invoices, quotes, brochures and more as personalized, accessible PDFs.


Feature-Rich Data Merge
Without Leaving G Suite

1. Verify Accessibility with Grackle Docs

Screenshot of Grackle Docs

Grackle Docs lets you review and correct gives your message an stamp of accessible approval.

2. Add Data with Grackle Merge

Screenshot of Grackle Merge

Switch to the Grackle Merge add-on to select your data source, set merge names and data locations. You can even preview your merge.

3. Output to Tagged, Accessible PDF

Train emerging from Tunnel

PDF output can be either individual files (great for email) or one contiguous document (great for printing)

More Reasons to Get Gracklin’

  • Add cosmetic formatting to merged data. Present “10500” as $10,500, or turn 123 456 7890 into (123) 456-7890
  • Save as individual PDF files or a contiguous, multi-page PDF
  • Choose merge data from a Google Sheet or use your Contacts from Gmail
  • Dynamic source data?
    Refresh Grackle Merge to update it.
  • Edited file? Switch to Grackle Docs for an accessibility check. When you re-open Grackle Merge, your information for be preserved.
  • Name saved files by merge information:
    Ned Flanders-Version7-July9.Doc
Grackle Docs is the only tool I’ve used that makes the creation of accessible PDFs a pleasurable experience Leon McNaught, Coordinator, Accessible Technology Initiative, Information Technology Services, California State University, San Bernardino