Grackle Drive
(Coming Soon)


Your Google Drive holds thousands of documents. And every day, more are added, copied and changed.


Grackle Drive gives you visibility into every Google Sheet, Doc, Slide and PDF.

Grackle Drive is not quite ready. Contact us for a demo or with questions.

Audit Your Accessibility.

Actionable Reporting

Measure and Track the Accessibility Status of:

  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • PDF
  • Grackle Drive reports boost visibility on compliance status to help teams make smarter, faster decisions.
    Evaluate any Google Docs, Slide or Sheet as well as PDF, and identify and fix issues to make it accessible.

    How to avoid accessibility lawsuits for non-compliance?

  • Determine areas at risk of non-compliance, and avoid the possibility of legal action
  • Support the continuous assessment and demonstration of compliance
  • Learn the status of compliance projects early and take action faster
  • Track compliant files over time with a unique history report
  • User Friendly.
    Budget Friendly.

    Grackle Drive acts like an accessibility watchdog, scanning thousands of files in numerous formats and zeroing in on trouble.

    As a visual tool for managing document sprawl, Grackle Drive saves time. It can make 508 Compliance simpler, more consistent and faster across your organization.

    Accessibility goes up. Costs go down. Not bad.