Creating Tagged PDF

Export Tagged PDF

Grackle Docs offers a simple way to create a tagged PDF that meets the PDF/UA standard. It also has tools for re-arranging the the logical structure of the document.

The Export Process Has Three Steps:

  1. Confirm Document
  2. Create Proof and/or Set Email Notification
  3. View or Download Tagged PDF

This feature is only available on Paid Plans and PDF bundles.

Please note that if you have a PDF bundle, creating a Proof does not count as a PDF. You can create as many proofs as necessary. But be nice, please.

Picture of GrackleDocs PDF Output Wizard

Confirm Document

Clicking the Export Tagged PDF button prompts Grackle Docs to verify that the document passes PDF accessibility checks. If it fails, it will ask for confirmation.

You can proceed with exporting the tagged PDF despite not meeting every requirement, but your output may not be accessible.


PDF/UA (PDF/Universal Accessibility) is the informal name for ISO 14289, the International Standard for accessible PDF technology.

For those equipped with appropriate software, conformance with PDF/UA ensures accessibility for people with disabilities who use assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, joysticks and other technologies to navigate and read electronic content.

Create Proof or Set Email Notification

At this point, the PDF is ready to be generated. You can test your PDF in Adobe Acrobat by selecting the Proof option. This will generate a large ‘Proof’ stamp on each page.

For very large documents, you can select the ‘Notify by email’ box. This skips the direct download option and instead sends both a link to the file in (your) Google Drive and the completed PDF to the mailbox of the account you use for Grackle Docs.

Once you start the tagged PDF export process the file will be saved in your root Google Drive folder.


Create Tagged PDF: View or Download

If you chose not to be notified by email, you are given two options.

View the tagged PDF
Download it

Viewing the PDF opens it from where it has been saved in your Google Drive.