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How can I buy GrackleDocs?

By Check: Email us that you’re ready to buy by purchase order. We email you a quote. You email us a PO number and then we email you an invoice. We enable your domain. You send us payment by check.
By PayPal/Credit Card: Education customers, go to our Pricing Page, enter your domain name and click the pay button! p.s. If you need an official quote from us first, that’s fine too!

What is the difference between the Free and Paid versions?

Please read our Why Buy? guide to see what you will be missing out on after the 30 day trial expires.

Does the paid version include Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

Yes! Once you purchase the Grackle Suite you get full functionality from the Docs, Sheets and Slides checkers.

Are the GrackleDocs checks Section 508 compliant?

Yes, the checker covers 508 compliance by adhering to the WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA standards.

Is GrackleDrive available?

At present, GrackleDrive is still in beta testing and isn’t available to purchase. We are still gathering requirements from our customers as to exactly what they want GrackleDrive to do. We would love to hear more about how you would like it to work for you!

I've copied some content from Microsoft Word into my Google Doc and I am getting strange PDF output from Grackle

Copying and pasting content from word carries lots of hidden characters that can interfere with accessibility and formatting in PDF. We recommend creating the content in a plain text editor to make sure these hidden characters are not passed through to your Google Doc.

My CIO has asked about security. What information do GrackleDocs Add-Ons collect?

The only personal information we collect and store is a user’s email address and their public profile (this is a requirement of all Google Add-Ons, not just ours). We do not need or use the public profile, just the user’s email address.
For the functions we require, we do need full access to the users Drive. Please see our full privacy policy here: Grackle Privacy Policy.

I have horizontal lines in my Google Doc but they are missing when I create a PDF with the Grackle Docs Add-on.

We have seen this behaviour and have logged a ticket with Google. We work with Google APIs and the line drawn by using the “Insert->Horizontal Line” does not get passed through to the Add-on correctly.   The best solution is to utilize tabs and then apply a border to it.  Underscores may cause problems for screen readers where tabs will be ignored. Create a line of tabs and then select the entire line of tabs and utilize the Format->Paragraph Styles->Borders and Shading Option and apply a border under the tabs.

Instead of recreating the document, it is producing a pdf that just says "PK####################"

The issue is probably related to the size of images in your Google Doc. The Google APIs have some restrictions on document size that can be processed. Since the image resolution in a PDF will get scaled down anyway having a high res image in a Google Doc is of little value.

As a G-Suite for Education customer, can we get the Grackle add-ons for free?

The Grackle accessibility add-ons are only available from the G Suite Marketplace here: Grackle Add-ons. They are free to install and trial for 30 days. After this time they will continue to run but with less functionality. Please read our Why Buy? guide to see what you will be missing out on after the 30 day trial expires.

How do I install GrackleDocs?

There are a couple of ways to install the add-ons, see here: How to Install.

When we purchase, how do users get access?

This is the really simple part! Once the license is paid for Grackle Suite, anyone within your domain will be automatically enabled. There are two ways for users to get access to the add-ons, described here: How to Install.

Is there a simple guide on how to use the GrackleDocs checkers?

There sure is: How to Use.

We have Google Drive here, does GrackleDocs work with that?

Yes! Google Drive allows you to share files and collaborate from any device, with unlimited space and is a broad term often used for G Suite applications like Docs, Sheets & Slides.

The page breaks in my PDF don’t seem to match my Google Doc!

By using the Google Docs Menu, Insert->Break-> Page Break you will get much more consistent page breaks when converting to PDF.  We always use this approach to ensure we get the most consistent page breaking as possible.

Does Grackle Docs store any of the document information which it is scanning on a Grackle Cloud based service?

Temporary files are used during conversion of a Google Doc to PDF.  These files are all deleted automatically upon the completion of every job. Please see our full privacy policy here: Grackle Privacy Policy.

Do you store any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or other information in regards to the users using your system?

Grackle only stores limited information that is universally available to anyone logging into a Google Add-on, for registration and license purposes:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Locale setting

Please see our full privacy policy here: Grackle Privacy Policy.

I have seen Grackle Add-ons on both the G Suite Marketplace and the Chrome Store. Are they the same thing?

Yes, the Add-ons are listed in both places. You can install from either place and get exactly the same thing.

If you are still struggling for an answer, visit our Contact Us page and send us a message. We are a very friendly bunch!